WATCH: Samantha Bee Just Made The GOP Look Stupider Than Ever Over SCOTUS ‘C*ck Blocking’ (VIDEO)

Samantha Bee’s new show Full Frontal is freaking amazing, for the absolutely epic mockery that she makes of Republicans on a nightly basis. Tonight was no exception. She totally scorched them, as you can see below, over their asinine commitment to obstructing President Obama’s constitutional duty to fill our currently vacant Supreme Court seat.

Who knew that one guy could turn the “Constitution loving” Republicans into a party that hates the document? All he needed to do was have black skin.

Samantha gave a sharp takedown of the right-wing’s irrational hatred of our president, and their pathological need to invalidate him as both a person and president. They were practically begging Obama to make this guy a SCOTUS judge way back in 2010. Now here we are playing the same old game again, with Mitch McConnell stuttering at the camera and trying to remember not to shout “IT’S CAUSE OBAMA’S BLACK!”

Watch the full segment from Full Frontal below:

Featured image via video screen capture

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