WATCH: Samantha Bee Just Called Mitch McConnell A ‘Dildo’ On National Television (VIDEO)

It’s looking like TBS made a wise choice when they decided to run a left-leaning show starring Samantha Bee. Her brazen style and in-your-face attitude is reminiscent of Jon Stewart’s beloved version of the Daily Show, just…louder, more obnoxious and with more cursing.

When Samantha lays into the GOP for promising to obstruct President Obama’s eventual nominee to the Supreme Court, she pulls no punches. She immediately puts Mitch McConnell’s turtle-like head on the chopping block, calling him such interesting names as “dildo” and “chinless douchebag.” She brilliantly tears apart the arguments Republicans have been spewing about the president not fulfilling his constitutional duties in favor of a year of 4-4 ties in the most powerful court in the land.

They talk constitution; she shoots it down. They talk of the will of the American people; she shoots it down. They talk about a “rule” Strom Thurmond made; she tears Strom Thurmond’s racist legacy a new one. In short, she does a magnificent job of representing the feelings of the sane half of America. We look forward to many more years of her particular brand of wit.

Watch Samantha Bee wreck Mitch McConnell in an awesome array of insults below:

Featured image via screen capture


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