Watch Rush Limbaugh Dismiss Brown, Garner, Rice Protests: ‘It Isn’t… Full-Fledged Legitimate’ (VIDEO)

Rush Limbaugh has really outdone himself with irony this time.

Speaking on “Fox News Sunday” with Chris Wallace in regard to the protests erupting all over, not only the country, but the world, in response to the failure of two grand juries to indict murderous police officers for the slayings of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, Limbaugh the took opportunity, as usual, to dismiss valid beefs more and more people are confronting with systemic racism, and instead decided to attempt to blame President Obama, NYC mayor Bill de Blasio, and the people, themselves, for manufacturing “grievance politics,” going on to say “that’s not right.”

Is that the joke of the century, or what, coming from a guy who has made an entire empiric career out of “grievance politics,” choosing to grieve constantly on behalf of the “oppressed” dominant, racist white system and “grieving” all the way to the bank as he does it, rather than standing up for the poor and the truly oppressed as President Obama and de Blasio, at the very least, pay lip service to?

Limbaugh alleges that Obama, de Blasio, and an ever-increasing number of everyday citizens’ “grievance politics” are “tearing the country apart.” Limbaugh stated:

This is not good for the country, what’s happening here, because it isn’t, I don’t think, full-fledged legitimate. It’s not based on real-world grievance. It’s grievances that’s [sic] being amplified and made up.

Yes, he actually said that.

Don’t you just want to challenge Limbaugh to try living in a trailer park or a project somewhere on $8k a year and see how he fares, see how “real” such grievances truly are? I do. I challenge that malicious pile of privileged blubber to try living in the real world for two days and see if he can hack it without his pain pills, his golden microphone, his brill cream and his adoring ignorant fans who lap up his bile like mother’s milk. He wouldn’t know a real grievance if it sh*t in his mouth, because he’s been making up and spewing sh*t from that pie hole for decades at this point.

The comedy doesn’t stop there, though. Limbaugh went on to lament that if only President Obama and all the others would simply “trust the criminal justice system.”

People have had no choice but to wallow in the shadow of the “justice” system for as long as anyone can remember. There is no choice but to do so. Trust in it? What alternative do we have but to tolerate it and hope for the best. That’s as close to “trust” as we can get.

And after watching that substitute for trust – hope – get thrown to the gallows time and time again, people have had enough. People are standing up for themselves and each other, and they’re prepared to fight for their justice if the “justice” system is too blind, corrupt, and stagnant to change. Obama and de Blasio at least pretend to recognize that. Limbaugh flat out denies it. He thinks everything is just fine. It’s not the justice system, it’s everyone else. Thousands and thousands – tens and hundreds of thousands of people across the country and globe – are wrong. The justice system is fine. Just trust in it.

Apparently, Limbaugh doesn’t understand just how tough it is to get people off their duffs and active for things they enjoy doing these days, in the age of apathy and the Internet. The fact that so many people are out and actively struggling, even in dismal, cold, wet weather should open most anyone’s eyes. Alas, denial is a stronger dope than even Limbaugh’s beloved pills.

Limbaugh continued to mistake his mouth for his *sshole by pointing out that, unfortunately, to the great distress of the country, most of the turmoil today is Obama and de Blasio’s fault for not recognizing Limbaugh’s wisdom and following his lead. They need to stop acknowledging injustice and pretend everything’s fine.

To attempt a smidgeon of reasonableness in order to sound “fair and balanced,” Limbaugh stated:

Is it all perfect? No, it’s not. But there’s no acknowledgement of any of the progress. If you listened to these people…

Hold up, wait. What did he just say? “These people?”

If you listened to these people – the president, the mayor of New York – you’d think it’s 200 years ago. You’d think we hadn’t even started working on these problems and that’s not true.

Unfortunately, Limbaugh doesn’t understand the sheer irrelevancy of such a statement. What does he want, a pat on the back? A cookie? It makes no sense to start spouting out all the racial progress this country may have made considering recent events and the overall social climate of the country right now. What purpose does that serve other than to attempt to suggest that none of the protests are necessary. Just go home and think about the wonderful progress we’ve made as police continue to gun down and murder unarmed people of color around the country while the “justice” system simultaneously exonerates murderer after murderer.

Luckily, a vast number of people around the world are echoing the late Eric Garner’s wife in a resounding, “Hell no!”

Would it have helped the financial crash that is still crippling this country for the Wall St. suckfish to have responded to the country, “But think of all the money we made before!”? That doesn’t do a thing to rectify the damage they’ve caused, and nor will sipping tea on the front porch and talking about all the progress race relations may have had in the U.S. over the years. These days are calling for a much different discussion, Limbaugh. The time for appreciation comes in times of peace, and without justice there can be no peace.

Still, Limbaugh sticks to his guns, just like the police, in stating that Obama and de Blasio, and the people, promote “racial division” by “mischaracterize[ing]” the events in Ferguson. But who is mischaracterizing what, Limbaugh? Ane especially when one takes into account the footage for Eric Garner all over the Internet, not to mention the footage of Tamir Rice’s murder in the greater Cleveland, Ohio area?

See, racists such as Limbaugh try to examine such issues under a fractured microscope when the whole country is screaming out that it is not the specifics of that one case, but the larger problem of case after case cropping up all the time like dandelions in the spring, and the seeds of that injustice blow in the wind far and wide.

Limbaugh stated:

We have people to whom the truth is relative and they’re using whatever power they have to try to redefine the truth for the advancement of their own political agenda, and it’s just not productive. And the president taking sides in this in a way that further divides the country, I find reprehensible and very unfortunate, too.

Get ready to laugh. Grab a barf bag and watch the video below:

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