WATCH: Room Full Of Bigoted Parents Sing ‘Jesus Loves Me’ To Drown Out Mom’s Heartfelt LGBT Speech

Proving, once again, that our forefathers were nearly prescient when they placed a wall between church and state, bigoted Christian hecklers got tired of facts and logic so they simply drowned out the only voice for tolerance and understanding during a Horry County school board meeting in South Carolina.

Melanie Moore, the only person to stand up for equality, tried to argue her case for about 6 minutes, through strong verbal heckling and arguments. Her voice shook, but she was resolute to stand for the voiceless. She spoke for them even while facing 500 angry old people, doing a mighty good impression of angry villagers. That is bravery.

When asked why she stood up, Melanie said:

Everybody is concerned about their children. The transgender parents are concerned about their children too, so I thought it was important that somebody stand up for them

According to The State:

Melanie Moore ‘argued that transgender people should not be lumped into the same category as pedophiles, rapists or other criminals. She also tried to explain how transgender students are born one sex, but feel as though they should have been born the opposite gender – though she was shouted over by many members of the crowd,’

People were grandstanding throughout that time, spewing completely anecdotal and untrue drivel including “sin” somehow causing gender differences. One man describes transgendered children as not having been created by God, but created by, literally, sin. All of it punctuated by a dull murmuring roar of approval rising each time someone invoked their faith as a reason for this blind bigotry.

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Finally, they grew tired of defending their indefensible position and just decided not to listen anymore.

Ironically the 500 adults struck up the children’s hymn, Jesus Loves The Little Children, while actually fighting for the right to hate and exclude some of those same children. These adults behaved badly for the worst reason ever, to force their religious convictions on others in our public, taxpayer-funded schools.

Speaking of tax dollars, this school board in Horry County has moved to spend an undisclosed amount on hiring lawyers to join the legal fight to allow them to violate Title IX. They plan to join the Virginia appeal of the 4th Circuit’s ruling saying they aren’t allowed to discriminate based on sex.

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You see, this isn’t hypothetical, there is already a victim of this heinous violation of human rights based on nothing but hokum and ignorance. A boy attending this school, who has used the boys restroom since middle school, was forced to use the girls bathroom. And they would appear to want to get back to being able to discriminate against him again. What a lovely life lesson they are teaching him, isn’t it?

According to the New Civil Rights Movement:

The Horry County Board of Education, despite being wholly opposed to allowing transgender students to use the right restrooms, will follow Title IX guidelines, a spokesperson says, but only because they are faced with a potential loss of funding should they violate Title IX. The school board ‘was recently threatened with a lawsuit if they did not comply with the ruling in regards to a Socastee High transgender student who was banned from using the boys’ restroom – the restroom he identified with and had used since middle school,

The song says, “Jesus loves the little children,” but it sure comes off from these self-righteous kooks that they believe only loves those who conform to their dogmatic ideals.

Watch these “loving Christian conservatives” drown out the only voice calling for human decency:


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