WATCH: Rock Icon Bruce Springsteen Perfectly Calls Out Trump’s Bullsh*t

Rock superstar Bruce Springsteen is a bona fide liberal who has been a longtime supporter of left-wing causes and Democratic politicians. So it comes as no surprise that he isn’t a fan of Donald J. Trump. And The Boss, as he is affectionately known to millions of fans, isn’t some empty-headed Ted Nugent type. You know, Ted Nugent, who only has one thought in his head (GUNS!!) to go along with his one hit song. No, Springsteen thinks about things. You can tell that from the lyrics of songs like “The Ghost Of Tom Joad,” his commentary on being poor and homeless in modern America.

So it should come as no surprise that Springsteen has some strong, yet thoughtful opinions about the GOP presidential candidate. He shared some of his opinions on September 23, when he was a guest on the Swedish/Norwegian talk show hosted by Fredrik Skavlan.

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Skavlan starts by observing that he has never run across Donald Trump as a character in one of Springsteen’s songs. “That would be, you have to search out the carny barker,” Springsteen quips.

Then The Boss perfectly explains the appeal of Trump to working class Americans.

“He comes along and he has a very simple answers to these complex problems and he’s telling some of the people things they want to hear. If you’re very uncomfortable by the browning of America, well, we’ll build a wall and keep all those people out.”

But the Freehold, New Jersey native, himself the product of a middle-class background, doesn’t dismiss Trump’s fans as simply mindless racists. He tells Skavlan,

“This is basically his campaign, saying it like I’m saying it here. But if you have struggled and you have suffered and you have not gotten that piece of the pie or you’re struggle to keep your family going, someone saying it can be a very compelling argument.

“It’s very difficult to deal with the complexities of governance, and have someone tell you to wait or be patient. There is just a rich environment, unfortunately, for a demagogue.”

Springsteen finishes his remarks by saying he doesn’t think Trump will win. But he makes it plain he isn’t happy that the billionaire demagogue is on a major party ticket at all.

“Even him running is a great embarassment if you’re an American.”

Bruce isn’t the only Garden State rocker who has weighed in on Trump. Fellow New Jerseyite Jon Bon Jovi has also had some not so nice things to say about The Donald, and he has hit the campaign trail for Clinton. Springsteen, on the other hand, hasn’t actively campaigned for Hillary, but he has indicated his support, telling Rolling Stone“I like Hillary. I think she would be a very, very good president.”


Here’s the video of Springsteen’s comments, via YouTube:

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