WATCH: Robert Reich Says TPP Is The Worst Trade Deal You Never Heard Of (VIDEO)

Bernie Sanders and Robert Reich, both warriors for the poor and middle class, would be excellent candidates for President, and here’s just one reason why. Like Bernie Sanders, Robert Reich is rightly and gravely concerned about the secretive negotiations for the TransPacific Partnership, also known as TPP.

They both ask why the largest international trade deal EVER in all of history, representing 792million people and 40% of the world’s economy, is a secret to the American people. Yet lobbyists from America’s largest corporations and the world’s biggest banks have been involved in closed door negotiations.

Some of the negative aspects of the bill include, but are not limited to the fact that pharmaceutical companies would be able get stronger patents, delaying cheaper, generic versions of drugs. Also, big Corporations and Wall Street would get an international tribunal of private attorneys outside any nation’s legal system that can order compensation from any lost profits found as a result of any nation’s regulations. This means that any US Corporation could challenge even US regulations they claim unfairly diminishes their profits. Other companies would be able to challenge our rules and regulations as well. In turn, American corporations could challenge rules and regulations abroad in their magical TPP court.

This means that laws that protect us from unsafe products and food, laws that protect workers, laws that block toxic emissions, or laws that protect from another taxpayer funded bailout of Wall Street, could all be challenged–outside any nation’s legal system. It would be the TPP legal system. All to benefit… well… not us.

President Obama keeps saying how great this is for our country and our economy, that it will boost US exports, but this deal will allow American Corporations to outsource even more jobs than they already do.

In other words, it’s a Trojan horse in a global race to the bottom. Giving big corporations and Wall Street Banks a way to eliminate laws and regulations that get in the way of their profits.


Robert Reich urges your participation in saying NO to the fast track and NO to the Trans Pacific Partnership. Call or write your congressional representative or the White House today!

WATCH the short video here:


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