WATCH: Rob Reiner Points Out What’s Driving Trump Supporters, And ‘Morning Joe’ Goes Off The Rails

It appears that Morning Joe‘s all white panel was just not ready to hear the truth about why people are voting for Donald Trump. But director Rob Reiner wasn’t about to let them get away with their “blind spot.”

Why would literally millions of people who are listening to Donald Trump and hearing his message vote for him? Well, according to Rob Reiner (and everyone with a brain), there are a lot of people that are racists.

Morning Joe‘s response, basically: “Racism, what racism? I don’t see any racism?!?” (They may need to visit an optometrist.)

Not ALL Trump voters are racists, of course, but many, many of them are. Most probably fall into that “I’m not a racist, but if {fill in the blank with a minorty} weren’t so {lazy, stupid, uneducated, entitled, stubborn, uppity, pushy} they wouldn’t have so much {poverty, death, lack of education, unequal pay}” kind of racists. You know, the “I’m not a racist, some of my best friends are {fill in the race I am about to put down}” kind.

Those are the kinds who are offended at the suggestion they are voting for Trump because of their supremacist views.

Then there are the closet racists who just didn’t talk about it, because “PC” culture (you know, treating all people with respect?) forced them to not be hateful asshats out loud.

Those are the newly minted “out and proud” white nationalists and separatists, most swinging the American flag while they do it.

Joe Scarborough and the yes men on his panel tried to make the Trump votes about disenfranchised working class Americans, but the divide is clear. There are plenty of disenfranchised working class Americans – but many of them vote for Bernie Sanders, not Trump.

Reiner makes a good point: You don’t see skinheads and Swastikas at a Bernie Rally, you see them with Trump. Both candidates have a message that purports to address the same painful problems, but only one of the two candidates represents a future we can believe in.

The other, Trump, represents an America that the KKK can believe in — and anyone telling you differently is selling something.

Trump voters tend to be more interested in the culling or marginalizing of the people they blame their loss of status on (Mexicans, Muslims, and Minorities) so that they can feel better by comparison. They blame the poor, not the rich, for the oppression of the poor.

One problem, two solutions. One based on people and equality and the other based on corporations and supremacy, but of course — no racism here! (sarcasm)

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