WATCH: Republicans Want To Defund Planned Parenthood Because Of Hungry Children (VIDEO)

Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner has issued one of the latest bits of fevered lunacy from the Republican Party regarding Planned Parenthood. In a House Judiciary Committee hearing, he said that our nation had to choose between feeding hungry children OR funding Planned Parenthood. However, it could not be both. Nevermind the fact we have been doing both (although insufficiently) for decades. Suddenly now we NEED the money that funds Planned Parenthood to feed the children.

Republicans give zero f*cks about feeding hungry children. All they want to do is cut food stamps, which would cause many, many more hungry children to exist. And don’t even get them started on school lunch programs, for needy childrenwhich also get the axe in Republican budget plans.

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The cutting of Planned Parenthood funding would cause many single women to lose money trying to pay for health issues that Planned Parenthood can provide for extremely low costs, if not free of charge. This is money they could use to buy their children food. Let’s not forget about a lack of contraception coverage that would cause women to have more children, stressing food availability in a household even worse.

Lets face it, Republicans DO NOT CARE about women, or hungry childen. If they cut funding from Planned Parenthood, it is guaranteed it would get funneled directly to billionaires and their corporations. Somehow the corporations will just take care of women AND children for the highest profit the market can bear, right?

Here is the disgustingly ignorant exchange involving Sensenbrenner. This is exactly why progressives simply can not afford not to vote in every single election.


Featured image via YouTube screen capture

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