WATCH: Republicans Are Flipping Out Because Fox Series Shows Obama On 500 Dollar Bill (VIDEO)

There is something satisfying about seeing Republicans getting all upset over something the Fox network does. Fox has a new series called Minority Report, that is based on the book and movie. In one segment of the show, the Washington Redskins are depicted in the future as being called the “Washington Red Clouds.” Immediately, Republicans started hating the show. Here is one excerpt from the right-wing propaganda site Newsbusters.

In the season premier episode, a future mayoral candidate was giving a speech. He was being introduced as a former member of a football team called the “Washington Red Clouds”. This is obviously a reference to the Washington Redskins of our current day. It is also implies that their team name, which is offensive to Native Americans, was eventually changed for this reason. The reaction by the right-wing was typical crybaby, Tea Party bullsh*t, like you took a toddlers favorite toy away and threw it in a wood chipper:

So there you have it. Any hope that our future people would be consumed with more important things than banning a team name that is not offensive to anything even approaching a majority of Native Americans, and is almost exclusively offensive to only white members of the sports media, has been dashed.

Instead, they opt to re-name the franchise after a chief who led one of the bloodiest campaigns against the U.S. Army, in American history.

Because that is less offensive than a name which offends almost no one, apparently.

Oh no! The PC Police! Photo: Fox Screen Capture

Oh no! The PC Police! Photo: Fox Screen Capture

The comments by Republican readers, as you can imagine, are fantastic.

  • “Leave it to the Libs to live in a dream world all their own where nothing offensive is uttered or thought about.”
  • “Another BS crap liberal show!”
  • “Liberals do not deserve to breath the same air we do. Liberals exhaling can only harm us.”
  • “Give it up, commie-libs, as the Redskins are here to stay, right along with the Chiefs, Indians, Braves, Seminoles, Blackhawks and the rest.”

But wait, there’s more! The show ALSO shows Obama on a 500 dollar bill!

And as you can imagine, the comments were about the same level of cleverness.

  • “They should have put him on a three-dollar bill. My comment was a tongue-in-cheek take on an old saying, ‘q u e e r as a three-dollar bill.'”
  • “Really!! This show hit a sour note for me with the $500 having Obama on it. Then again, it is a Fox show….just saying!”
  • “Yep that’s why I changed the channel. Where’s the thumbs down button?”
  • “this is the kind of thing that makes me stop watching a show. i stopped watching Quantico the second i saw two dudes kissing the second scene in.”

If Reagan, who was against everything modern Republicans stand for, was on the bill they would be DEMANDING to buy this on DVD immediately. But, because it is Obama the Fox network has gone full Kenyan and wants to steal your freedom, and the show obviously sucks now because of a four second visual of Obama on a piece of fake money.

I guess now we know why it is called minority report, am I right?


Featured image via Fox promotional image

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