WATCH: Republicans’ Answers To ‘What Is Your Weakness’ Question – Answering The Question (VIDEO)

It is a common and simple question. “What is your weakness?” It was the very first question of the entire CNBC Republican debate and every single candidate showed their true weakness is their inability to give honest and direct answers to voters on even the most simple of questions. Is it unwillingness to be honest? Is it sheer stupidity? Can’t it be both?

Not one candidate gave an honest attempt at answering the question in a no bull*hit way. Jeb Bush barely dodged it by saying he was “impatient” but he made it as an implication he just wants to fix the country SO FAST that the rest of Washington D.C. will just get in his way.

Lets do a run down:

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  • Kasich went full angry old man “get off my lawn” and seemed to forget he was asked a question at all.
  • Huckabee, in true Christian fashion, first boasted that he had no weaknesses, then said it was “playing by the rules.”
  • Bush said he can’t fake anger. Can Bush fake anything? I am not convinced he isn’t just a mannequin operated by remote control.
  • Rubio said his weakness is that he is optimistic about the future of America. WTF?
  • Trump said he is “too trusting”. I guess this is true since his multiple wives have all said “till death do us part” and well, you see how that worked out for him.
  • Carson said his greatest weakness is not seeing himself as President. He really said that.
  • Fiorina said she didn’t smile enough, and she thought our times were “very serious”, while fake smiling.
  • Cruz said he is a passionate fighter for the Constitution, and he would drive you home if you were drunk.
  • Christie said there was no weakness at all on the stage, and blamed Socialism.
  • Rand Paul said he was too concerned about the national debt, and blamed it on making him leave his medical practice.

As you can see, they literally had one simple task set before them and every single one proved that since they can’t answer a 4 word question, they can’t be left unsupervised with the nuclear codes.

Watch the simply epic cascading idiot fest on question 1 of the debate below:

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