WATCH: Republican Senator Says Social Security Causes People To Become Heroin Addicted Criminals (VIDEO)

Republican Senator Tom Cotton held a press conference recently, to explain how Social Security disability benefits cause entire towns to become full of heroin and meth addiction, and full of crime.

Cotton asserted there is a “tipping point” where if too many people are on disability in any one place, it becomes an alternative lifestyle of dependence instead of having a good-paying full time job.

He continued to suggest that as more and more people just keep opting to call themselves “disabled,” in order to get free money and other stuff from the government, it causes employers to leave the area because they can’t find enough people willing to work. This in turn causes a population decline and causes communities to enter a “death spiral.”

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Not only that, but once this spiral begins, communities could begin to suffer other social plagues as well, such as heroin or meth addiction and associated crime.

The suggestion that people can just choose to check a box on some form and become “disabled” for free government money is ridiculous. This is just simply not true. Also the assertion he makes, that somehow Social Security Disability is a lucrative or luxurious lifestyle, is completely absurd. According to the Social Security Administration’s own website,  in September of 2015 there is a maximum payment of only $721  a month with an average of about $550 if you are permanently disabled. If you are on temporary disability, your average payment is only about $1,165 . For Tom Cotton to suggest that either of these is some kind of good alternative to full time work is insane, unless he considers full time minimum wage work a secure living.

The obsession Republicans have with demonizing the poor and vulnerable in society is amazing. Now your neighbor who is disabled is being labeled as the cause of crime and drug addiction in your town. Don’t worry though. People like Tom Cotton will still find hundreds of billions of dollars to just hand over, no strings attached, to billionaires to “create jobs” in China. They can already blame your disabled neighbor for it. BRILLIANT!

Watch Tom Cotton’s insane accusations against people on Social Security below:

Featured Image via Youtube screen capture

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