WATCH: Republican Prophet Demands To Be Mayor, Threatens Town With God’s Wrath If Not Elected (VIDEO)

You seriously need to watch this video. Opal Covey, a self-described “Prophet of God” has threatened Toledo with His wrath if she is not elected mayor. And since you are wondering, yes she is running as a Republican.

Covey is a habitual failure and sideshow candidate in the Toledo mayoral elections. Now she is upset and is threatening voters with divine retribution if they do not vote her into office. What could possibly go wrong if they did, right?

Can you imagine what it must have been like to be the poor news person to actually go there and interview this lady? They must have lost a bet, or be the “new guy” who gets all the worst assignments. Somehow I bet she smells like 17 cats combined with an entire bottle of perfume all at once.

Opal said, during the interview, that she actually won the election. Her votes were stolen from her though, causing her to lose during the 2013 cycle. But, the best part came after she was asked if she had anything more to say to potential voters. You simply have to watch it to understand how bizarre and hilarious this is.

Watch Opal Covey go into a brief trance and speak in tongues on live TV news, threatening voters with God’s wrath if they don’t vote for her:

Featured Image: NBC24 Screen Capture

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