WATCH: Republican Fight Club: Highlights Of The CNN Republican Debate Arguments (VIDEOS)

If someone was not politically aware, they might not have known the CNN Republican debate was a contest for the next President of the United States. It looked more like the TV room at a retirement home, full of people arguing with each other while sitting in front of a TV.


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Immediately out of the gate, Trump pulled Rand Paul’s toupee:

  The eternally irrelevant Scott Walker tried to get some attention too:

Then Jeb joined the fray, telling Trump to apologize to his wife personally, who was in the audience:

Trump did not care for this, and started arguing with Jeb:

Then, thank God for the totally reasonable and moderate Chris Christie, who is always the one advocating for calm and rational discussion:

As can be seen, there was a lot going on Wednesday evening in the GOP debate. It seems like everyone but Trump, Fiorina, Carson and Kasich had a rehearsed plan. Rand Paul tried to answer every question with vague notions of freedom, Huckabee couldn’t stop squawking about abortion, Ted Cruz was just his usual blind-rage self, Scott Walker couldn’t stop saying “Ronald Reagan,” and poor Marco Rubio was getting so nervous every time it was his turn to speak I expected to see him wet his pants. The best part had to be where Chris Christie yelled at everyone else for getting in heated arguments. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black on that one.
Featured Image: Youtube Screen Capture
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