WATCH: Republican ‘Christians’ Furious Over Starbucks Red Cups. Claim They Are Censoring Jesus (VIDEO)

Well it is that time again, isn’t it? The very first “holiday” anything that comes out = the first shots fired in the annual Republican whine fest that is the “War on Christmas.”

This one is coming to you from Starbucks, and their use of red “holiday” cups. The Republican Christian outrage factory is upset that Starbucks is not covering their cups in the word “Christmas,” because if you don’t keep Christ in Christmas, God will destroy America.

Internet Evangelist Joshua Feuerstein took to Facebook in a video comment, with all the excited rage of a desperate used car salesman to let everyone know how to “defeat” Starbucks.

Josh Feuerstein Declaring War On Starbucks' War On Christmas

Josh Feuerstein Declaring War On Starbucks’ War On Christmas

Lets just go through a couple of facts for Joshua, before he completely loses his sh*t on this one:

  • Starbucks NEVER used “Christian” symbols on their cups. They always used red colored cups with generic holiday/winter season imagery. This is nothing radical and new. A snowflake picture is seasonal, not sacred.
  • Starbucks still sells Christmas themed things, like Advent calendars, and Christmas Blend coffee. If Starbucks is engaging in “Christian cleansing” someone should let them know about their website that has these products.

We all know there is no war on Christmas, but if Republicans don’t say there is, how will they sell any books every Christmas season? Josh was prepared for the war though, because he took time near the end to brag about how he carried his gun into the store too. I am sure there could have been a terrorist hiding behind the counter.

Watch Joshua Feuerstein’s ridiculous temper tantrum below:

Featured Image via Facebook screen capture

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