Watch Republican And Former Bush Treasurer Blast GOP On Iran Deal (VIDEO)

While it’s easier to picture Adam Sandler in a decent movie than a morally accountable member of the former Bush cabal, a couple of decent humans managed to squeeze their way through all those evil reptiles. Their efforts at being sensible and caring about the American people meant they didn’t last very long, but they certainly tried to do some good.

Take Bush’s former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, for example.

Okay, so maybe this guy wasn’t exactly a boy scout, as he was instrumental in implementing the $700 billion junk mortgage bailout. Further, one of the seediest and slimiest giveaways since a corrupt Congress handed out land grants to the railroad barons years ago. But Paulson did show some empathy, or at least the guy portraying him in HBO’s Too Big Too Fail did. Nevertheless, Paulson has come out swinging against the Baracknophobic foes of President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran, serving as the only key Republican policy maker of the tumultuous Busy years to do so.

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Paulson, having been in charge of the government’s sanctions operation under President George W. Bush and therefore has credibility on the issue, believes it would be  foolish to walk away from the deal now.


So let’s just recap the support President Obama’s Iran Deal has: 36 retired generals, a group of international scientists, and now a key member of the former Bush admin. All that’s left is for George Bush himself, quit doing whatever the hell he does these days, and come out in support of the deal. The only thing holding the deal back, of course, is Obama Derangement Syndrome and the Israeli lap-dogs in Congress who curry political favor with Israel’s war hawks.

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