WATCH: Rep. Steve King Stuns House Floor In Most Ignorant Anti-Trans Rant You’ve Ever Seen

By now, everyone is used to the rank ignorance and unabashed bigotry that is regularly displayed by Rep. Steve King (R-IA). After all, this is a man who has accused DREAMERS of being drug mules with no evidence, has tweeted overtly white nationalist sentiments, and has suggested that only white people have ever contributed to what he calls “western civilization.”

Here is video of that stunning statement:

Now, he is at it again, and this time his target is an especially vulnerable group: Transgender soldiers.

Taking to the floor of the House of Representatives during their “General Speeches” forum — a time in which people can apparently say whatever they like, no matter how outrageous — King ranted about transgender people in the military, compared gender reassignment to the castration of slaves in the Ottoman Empire, and generally made an ignorant ass of himself like always. After this lengthy and deeply offensive speech, King wound the whole thing up by ranting about how the only reason people will become Navy SEALS now is to get free gender reassignment surgery. He said:

“And we are thinking that we are going to make the military better while people lining up at the recruitment center who have planned to do sexual assignment surgery and know if I can get into the Navy, army, air force and Marines and become a Navy SEAL and submit to sexual reassignment surgery—and go from a man to a woman. By the way, it doesn’t look like there will be any women becoming men after going through SEAL training.”

So let me get this straight. Someone would go through the hell that is SEAL training just to get gender reassignment for free? Why would they do that? Any military member can get treatment under their health insurance provided to them for their brave and selfless service to our great nation.

Rep. King, please educate yourself. You are an embarrassment to the people of your state and to the United States of America. Hopefully, one day the folks in your district will wake up and stop re-electing you.

Watch video of the latest outrage below:

Featured image via Darren McCollester/Getty Images

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