WATCH: Remember That Time Republicans Were Not At War With Islam? They Seem To Have Forgotten (VIDEO)

Everywhere you look these days, Republicans cannot get enough of hating Muslims. If you try to acknowledge that the vast majority of Muslims are peaceful and are not terrorists, you hate America and want the terrorists to win. If you attempt to give examples why Republicans are wrong to say this, your “facts” have a Liberal bias and can’t be trusted. There is literally nothing you can say to defend your average regular person that happens to be a Muslim and that is ok with your average Republican.

The Republican party has managed to create the new most hated class of citizen in America by successfully marketing Islam to its voting base as some kind of naturally occurring evil in the world. You might even say in a sense, that Muslim is the new black.

Even the “sensible grown up” people in the Republican party are fully embracing this nonsense. Jeb Bush recently said that we should refuse any Syrian refugees that are not proven to be Christians. Ben Carson said he would not agree with a Muslim president. These were supposed to be the best and brightest the Republicans had to offer us in 2016.

Twitter, as you can imagine, had many examples of this since the Paris terrorist attacks.

Angela Box  is a great example of this. She basically implies that all Muslims who do not do enough to help “weed out the terrorists” are guilty by association. She actually said that if most Muslims are not terrorists, they should accept draconian levels of government surveillance, in order to “smoke out” the radicals among them. Does she feel the same way for Christians who have abortion clinic bombers among them? Perhaps Republicans should accept government surveillance because of Right Wing domestic terrorists in America.

Any way you cut it, hating Muslims is cash money for Republicans. It will get you elected, or sell your books, or get you social media followers. However, not that long ago we had 8 years of a different public attitude towards Muslims in Republican land. After the worst terrorist attack in U.S. history, which was also conducted by Muslim extremists, George W. Bush came out strongly against the idea that America hated the Islamic faith. Many times he said, point blank, we are not at war with Islam. He acknowledged that there were multitudes of Muslim-Americans that were just regular and good people, and the Republican party was virtually silent in any criticism of this for his entire presidency.

Republicans really need a grown-up in the room on their side to take a stand and fact check the party on this before they start to do stupid things because it will fuel irrational people with guns to act badly. The irony of it being if they engage in this kind of behavior and it becomes “open season” on Muslim Americans, Republicans will refuse to call it terrorism.

Watch George W. Bush’s frequent comments about America’s attitude towards Muslims during his administration below:

Featured Image via Youtube screen capture

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