WATCH: ‘Real Time’ Offers An Adult Conversation On Race (VIDEO)

This is how we begin a conversation on race. An adult conversation.

On Real Time with Bill Maher, panelist Heather McGhee made the excellent point of the way different cultures in America may have different perspectives on our “history.”  Of course she was talking about the right-wing (mis)treatment of our esteemed First Lady, Michelle Obama. And on that point, McGhee has an excellent point. The “god fearin’ conservative “‘merikans” just can’t understand that “now that they got what they want — they can’t just let us all off the hook and carry on.”

As if it’s some trite contest of video game like ranking supremacy.

McGhee told Maher,

I think they wanted her to go down to Tuskegee. . . to where these, where these working class Alabaman kids (are) and just like give them the okie-dokie and say ‘ok because Barack and I are in the White House – ding dong! racism’s dead.’ That’s what they wanted her to say — and the fact is we just don’t do that with each other. We don’t tell that lie. We actually tell the true American story of black people in this country which is one of resilience and resilience has two parts. It has struggle and it has overcoming. . . and so often the right-wing just doesn’t want. . . just wants to deny one or the other parts of that. We either don’t struggle or we never overcome.

But in this four and a half minute clip, it isn’t just one good point that makes it special, it’s that for once in a rare time, we see different perspectives come together when we all open our minds and hearts.  The panel included, in addition to McGee, hip hop artist Michael Render – aka Killer Mike, John Waters, and conservative Charles Murray, all of whom contributed something to the conversation.

Ok, I’m being nice concerning Murray. . . but hey, the eye-rolls had to contribute something, right?

Killer Mike and John Waters find kinship where the working class and urban white community and black communities have in common, with some quality comedy in between. But more importantly they show how working classes of all races face many of the same struggles. Yes, they are not all equal, but let us find the common ground and build from there. That was the message I walked away with.

I personally like Waters’s “jury duty solution.” (see video for more)

Check out the clip here, then start your own “adult conversation;”

Featured image via YouTube screen capture

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