WATCH: Rand Paul’s Son Arrested Again For Being Drunk – And Driving This Time (VIDEO)

The party of family values. Ah, yes.

Last weekend, conservative – libertarian Presidential candidate Rand Paul’s son William was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. In addition to that charge, Paul was cited for not being insured on the vehicle, and not having a driver’s license. Charges any libertarian can be proud of.

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William Paul was found after allegedly colliding with a parked car, and with injuries to his face. His demeanor was described as belligerent (I picture the young Paul threatening badges, telling them “who he is” and espousing cliches of liberty and freedom), which seems to be par for his course when arrested. He did refuse the breathalyzer test for alcohol, but was cited anyway. Most states carry stiffer and more mandatory penalties for those convicted after refusing tests. But some “freedom-loving libertarians” and their attorneys actually recommend this tactic in order to use the lack of hard evidence to beat the charge.

This is not Paul’s first collision with the law in the realm of drunken and/or belligerent behavior. The eldest son of the presidential  had been cited for possession of alcohol as a minor at a race at Keeneland in 2013. In January of that same year,William Paul was charged with simple assault of a flight attendant at Charlotte Douglas International Airport. He was also charged with being intoxicated and disruptive conduct after his flight landed.

Those charges were dropped after he completed a diversion program.

Check out a local news report on the arrest HERE:


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