WATCH Rand Paul Call Sexist, Racist Trump The WORST THING EVER — A Secret Liberal (VIDEO)

GOP Presidential candidate Rand Paul’s latest campaign video follows Lindsey Graham’s example of trolling Donald Trump. Apparently, Paul’s earlier campaign video featuring the candidate using a chainsaw, wood-chipper, and fire to destroy the tax code didn’t help him as much as he would have liked in the polls.

Paul’s latest video spends almost the entire first half of the video showing edited clips from over 10 years ago “proving” Donald Trump is the worst thing possible – a secret democrat. Now, this isn’t exactly a new theory. Everyone from Al Sharpton to “anonymous top republican officials” to your average conservative conspiracy theorist has been voicing this recently.

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Using 10-year-old clips, lots of jump-cut editing, dramatic sound effects, bold captioning, and rounding it off with the infamous Bill Clinton “it depends on what the meaning of the word is” clip, Paul desperately tries to set himself as the “real conservative” alternative. Oh Rand Paul, you should be the last one calling out someone else for flip-flopping, as this video shows.

Without further ado, watch Rand Paul call Donald Trump “the fake conservative” in the most pathetic troll attempt ever:

Featured image via YouTube screen capture

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