WATCH: Racist Lunatic Loses His Sh*t On Black Lives Matter Protesters Says, ‘F*ck You, N*gger’ (VIDEO)

Media Takeout has posted a video to Facebook that shows an angry confrontation between a man who claims to be an ex-Marine and a couple of Black Lives Matter protesters. During the short video, the man can be heard  threatening the protesters, and using racial slurs.

There aren’t a lot of details about the confrontation, such as exactly where and when it took place. Given that there are palm trees visible in the background, it appears to have happened somewhere like Florida. (of course!) Apparently the man got wind of a Black Lives Matter protest, and showed up to hold some sort of counter-protest.

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The video opens with the man yelling at the protesters, and he appears to be giving them the finger. There is a sign at the man’s feet, and one of the protesters calls for him to show it for the camera. According to what the woman says on the video, the man’s sign says “police lives matter.” You can’t help but wonder if this man expressed that same sentiment after Robert Dear killed an on-duty police officer at the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood, or whether he’s only concerned about police lives when using that to confront Black Lives Matter protesters.

The situation escalates from there, with the man crossing to the curb from the traffic island where he had been standing, and getting very racist, loud, and abusive towards the protesters. He points to his “Marines” baseball cap, and tells them “I kill, bitch.”  The guy is barely in control of himself.

Show this video to all of your right-wing friends who think that there’s no racism in America any more. (CAUTION: This short video has more swearing in it than a Quentin Tarantino movie. Definitely NOT work friendly.)

Here’s the video, via YouTube:

Featured image via YouTube screen capture

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