WATCH: Rachel Thinks Rand Paul Is Nuts. He Swears On Live Stream, Then Asks To Edit It Out (VIDEO)


Rand Paul is just not having a very good time lately. He hates his current job as a Senator. He hates campaigning for President. He actually went on camera and complained at length about both of these things and how badly he dislikes them, and how embarrassed he is to be in government. Openly admitting he does nothing in Washington, he said he would throw everyone out himself included. BUT HE REALLY NEEDS YOUR VOTE! He sort of reminds me of the door-to-door salesmen that come to “test your tap water for free”, then just happen to sell exactly what you need to fix whatever they claim is wrong with it. Has Rand Paul gone off the deep end? Rachel seems to think so.

Rand seems to be suffering from multiple personality disorder. He is the only government representative who openly speaks of how he hates our government. Yet, he is running for multiple elected offices simultaneously. Seriously, Rand?

As if all this wasn’t bad enough already, Rand also decided this week to pull a campaign stunt and live stream himself reading “mean tweets” about himself. He doesn’t seem to get the idea of both “live” and “stream” though, because he said some things then after realizing what he said, wanted to go back and edit it out. That isn’t how any of this works, Fella. They literally call it “live” streaming and he said “This is not live? We can edit this, right?” Jeez are you kidding me, Rand? This guy wants to have the nuclear command codes. Let’s all think about that for a moment.

Watch the clip of Rachel Maddow below, where she covers Rand’s descent to madness:

Featured Image: MSNBC screen capture

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