WATCH: Rachel Maddow Hammers Trump For Sexist ‘Woman Card’ Attack On Clinton (Video)

Donald Trump isn’t known for his progressive opinion of women and while he assures us he’s hired “tremendous amounts of women” — some might even go so far as to say binders and binders full — his attitude is almost completely at odds with this defense.

Given that Trump is lining up to take on Clinton, his sexist assaults have only become more and more pronounced. However, there’s an inherent danger to this, and as Rachael Maddow noted on Tuesday, Donald Trump is risking an entire segment of the population with these attacks that he already doesn’t have a solid hold on.

The Trump Card

Repeatedly, Trump has shown us that his style of “argument” is really just hurling invective after invective and hoping something sticks. His fans call it a “lack of a filter,” because not having filters is good. Unfiltered water is often full of pollution and garbage. Why should unfiltered thoughts be any different?

Of course, I get the feeling we’re about to find out how well not having a filter works for Trump, as Rachel Maddow noted on Tuesday when she slammed Trump for his rhetoric against Clinton.

While speaking earlier on Tuesday, Trump noted that Clinton wouldn’t get “5 percent of the vote” if she were a man, and, “the only thing she’s got going is the woman’s card. And the beautiful thing is, women don’t like her.”

In typical Teflon Don fashion, this is as far removed from reality as you can be. More women dislike Trump than dislike Clinton — by a full 13 points, according to Vox. The survey was done by the nonpartisan firm Morning Consult, and according to Gallup, another research-based firm known for opinion polls, roughly three in ten women have a favorable opinion of Trump.

A full 70% of women dislike Trump, according to a new poll by Pew

Take care to note that Trump’s popularity has tanked ever since it reached that record-breaking high of 31 percent back in August of 2015.

As a matter of fact, if it were head to head, Clinton would absolutely crush Trump.

Poll shows Clinton would crush Trump in a head-to-head competition

Now, I caution against accepting poll data at face value — numbers can be made to say anything — but these numbers seem to be pretty clear in what they’re saying: that Trump is not well liked among women polled and he’s inviting even more dislike with remarks like these.

“As our colleague and friend Nicolle Wallace pointed out earlier this evening, Donald Trump does have a general election problem,” Rachel Maddow told co-host Brian Williams on Tuesday, after Trump’s remarks. “Even if he gets this nomination, even if everything goes the way it has been for him during the primary as he heads toward the general election, he brings with him a big problem with women voters.”

Maddow continued, verbally tearing into Trump:

To say about the woman that you’re running against that the only reason she’s in the race is because she’s a woman — that her achievement is basically the result of some sort of affirmative action, some favor being paid to her as a woman — and that as a human being she is patently unqualified when she is the former two-term senator from New York and the former secretary of state and has the experience that she’s had, I do think that even a lot of Republican women will read that wrong.

One can hope. What really matters is voter turn out, and if liberals can put aside their differences and vote for Clinton, if she happens to get the nod; the alternative is terrifying.

Watch the video below:

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