WATCH: Rachel Maddow DESTROYS The Entire BENGHAZI! Committee With History And Common Sense (VIDEO)

Rachel Maddow pulled no punches when she tore apart the committee investigating how to make Hillary Clinton less electable. Opening with a history lesson about how the Accountability Review Board, a bi-partisan committee appointed by the Secretary of State to investigate attacks on American outposts, Maddow reminds us that when something like Benghazi happens it’s important to learn from it and move forward.

Republicans, in Maddow’s extremely educated opinion, have set a dangerous precedent by tossing the ARB aside simply because it was formed, as the law dictates, by Secretary Clinton. Even thought that report came back with a scathing indictment of how the Obama administration, particularly the State Department, handled the security in Benghazi, it wasn’t enough to ruin the political career of Hillary Clinton.

To Republicans, that meant the witch hunt was on, and 17 months later it is still going strong. Nobody takes Republicans to task like Rachel Maddow. This is definitely worth a few minutes of your time:

Watch Rachel Maddow make fools out of the Republicans “investigating” Benghazi below:

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