Watch Rachael Maddow Torch Trump So Hard That His Campaign Manager Can’t Even Keep Up (VIDEO)

Donald Trump has already gone through several campaign managers, and his latest one might be tossed into the heap of Trumplicans pretty soon.

Racheal Maddow hosted Trump Campaign manager Kellyanne Conway on tonight’s edition of The Rachael Maddow Show, and boy was it an epic fail…for Trump. Maddow, ever the honest and hard-hitting journalist, vigorously prodded Conway for specifics on policy. Conway almost looked like she was just asked what newspapers she reads as she struggled to muster any kind of coherent response. Known for offering terse responses in order to dance around any legitimate question, Conway kept responding with “I don’t know.” I guess that’s better than “Says Who?”

Maddow then asked Conway if Trump ever apologized to Judge Curiel, the Mexican judge presiding over the Trump University case. Conway’s answer was – again-  “I don’t know.” But Maddow wasn’t going to allow another Trumplican to respond in the most maddeningly vague fashion, so she followed up by saying, “But there has been no apology.” Since apparently she was talking to a stylish throw rug, Maddow moved on to Trump’s remarks about the Khan family.

Conway’s software eventually kicked in (sort of) once Maddow pressed her on the question of immigration. She failed to answer the questions, but  at least she didn’t say “I don’t know.”

It’s obvious that Trump’s campaign is up sh*t creek without a paddle.

Featured image via screen capture

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