Watch President Obama’s Historic Endorsement Of Hillary Clinton (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton fought a long, hard battle to earn the title of Presumptive Nominee of the Democratic Party. President Obama today congratulated her on her win and endorsed her for the office of the President of the United States.

In fact, I don’t think there has ever been someone so qualified to hold this office. She’s got the courage, the compassion, and the heart to get the job done.

Her historic candidacy represents the near surety that America will see it’s first woman at the helm of the nation. It’s a hard job, and who knows better than the first ever black President, Barack Obama? Knowing exactly that, said President Obama, is why he knows Hillary “will be so good” at being President.

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His glowing endorsement encourages party unity, referring to his hard-fought victory over Hillary in 2008 and also their more than 20 debates, but also the idea that this Primary has somehow left the Democratic party more divided. As Obama reminds us, they said the same thing 8 years ago.

He thanked Bernie Sanders and attributed much of the millions of new voters to his great campaign. Obama thanked Sanders for shining a light on issues like “economic inequality” and the “outsized influence of money in politics.” His message also made it very clear that the United States is better for the youth now involved in politics, and that is thanks to Bernie, too.

The President also made it clear that embracing Sander’s message will be what helps us win in November. This primary shook everyone up, but the Democratic party will grow stronger, and that means America will become stronger too.

This is what being a good winner looks like, not gloating, crowing, or belittling the competition — we can leave that to the Republicans and Trump-ettes.

Speaking glowingly of Clinton’s service as Secretary of State, and her involvement in taking Bin Laden, Obama made it clear that he believes that Hillary Clinton is not just the best choice, she is a great choice.

I have seen her judgement. I’ve seen her her toughness. I’ve seen her commitment to our values up close. I’ve seen her determination to give every American a fair shot at opportunity no matter how tough the fight was. That’s what has always driven her, and it still does.  So, I want those of you who have been with me from the beginning of this incredible journey to be the first to know:

I’m with her.

I am fired up and cannot wait to get out there and campaign for Hillary.

The Democratic rivals are not going to stay rivals, they will unite to defeat the GOP in November. All of us who love this country need to realize: that patriotism, that passion, is what will make us all better, it is what is going to win. Our common goals and common dreams for a country in which every person has the same opportunity will bring us together through the upcoming “test” of those values.

Thank you, Mr. President, for saying what we all needed to hear, and for highly recommending Hillary Clinton for the job you have done so well, with so little, against such odds. We will miss you sir, but will fight to continue the work you have done, and come together to take the White House, yet again, in November.

Watch the entire endorsement, here:


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