WATCH: President Obama PROVES That He Puts Others’ Needs Above His Own (VIDEO)

One of conservatives’ favorite descriptives of the President is that he’s a narcissist or that he has a big ego. It would be tough to find a real life example of that, but that doesn’t stop them from pushing that narrative.

Sometimes, the best way to judge a person’s character is to watch them in every day life. On a rainy day on Monday, President Obama showed us his character as he walked off Marine One and opened his umbrella.

Two of his staffers (Valerie Jarrett and Deputy Chief of Staff Anita Decker) also stepped off the helicopter and instead of keeping the umbrella to himself, Obama held it over the staffers’ heads while he got soaked. Better yet, the women seem to truly enjoy the President’s company.

How do you think Fox News will spin this act of kindness?

Here’s the video:

Posted by ABC News Politics on Monday, May 18, 2015

Featured image courtesy of ABC News video screen capture.

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