WATCH: President Obama Humiliates The Entire GOP Establishment In One Minute Flat (VIDEO)

It’s no secret what the GOP establishment’s plan has been for this election season: Lie about the state of affairs of the U.S. economy and blame their failures on President Obama. It’s a solid plan if you’re pandering to bigots and fools, the new staple qualifications to be a Republican regular.

In reality, of course, our country is a thousand times better off than we were the day before Obama took office, which if you listen to Republicans was the final day of the greatest time America has ever known. Sure the housing bubble had just burst and unemployment was on its way to ten percent. Sure the stock market crashed and hundreds of thousands of people lost their entire life savings. Sure we were involved in two wars, at least one of them completely illegally. None of that matters, though, since not just a Democrat but a black Democrat was charged by the American people with fixing it.

Fix it he did. In this brilliant minute of video from a fundraiser in Austin, he shoves it in their faces:

Featured image via screen capture

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