WATCH: President Obama Has No Patience For Republican Bullsh*t Crushes Trump And GOP Racists (VIDEO)

President Obama sat down with George Stephanopoulos to discuss Trump’s recent immigration plan that he modeled off of something called “Operation Wetback” — a draconian immigration effort enacted under the Eisenhower administration.

The second term for Obama is really great because he just doesn’t give a sh*t any longer and says it how it is. He completely took down Trump’s stupidity while calling out the Republican party for their racist dog-whistle pandering to their hateful voting base.

For those who do not know, Operation Wetback was a joint U.S. and Mexican border control agreement that enabled massive deportation of immigrants. The program came under heavy criticism for the inhumane and sometimes criminal treatment of those apprehended. Some individuals, who were here completely legally and simply could not convince officials of their legal status, were deported via the program. The deportations usually dumped people far into central Mexico, without any money or food, and usually without the personal property that they had before deportation. They often didn’t even have a chance to attempt to contact their family before being processed.

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Deported Mexicans faced extreme conditions and were sometimes left in the desert — 88 deported workers died in 112-degree heat in July 1955. This is the kind of program that Trump wants to model his immigration policy after. Let’s face it though — this is not a policy. It is declaring “open season” on brown people by Republicans and the racist Right Wing. But really, what else is new? Thankfully our President came back with facts, as usual, and completely wrecked Trump’s plan, while masterfully following up with a needed acknowledgment of our nation’s issues with xenophobia and anti-immigrant fear mongering and hate.

Watch President Obama’s put down of Trump and backhanding of the Republican party’s blatant racism below: 

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