WATCH: President Obama ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Might Not Be Real, But It Will Be The Best 48 Seconds Of Your Day (VIDEO)

We all know that President Obama is multi-talented. He plays basketball, he sings like an angel and he even dances. He’s almost funny enough to hit the stand-up circuit once out of office. Here he is dancing a little stiffly on the Ellen DeGeneres Show before he was president:

Now that Obama is in the final rounds of his presidency, he’s loosened up quite a bit. He has a confidence and swagger that was unseen during the first six years in office. He’s even appearing on a reality show called Running Wild with Bear Grylls, which was filmed during his visit to Alaska. It will be aired later this year.

Ellen DeGeneres, perhaps remembering his first dancing foray on her show, had her own clip of the President dancing right in the Oval Office on Dancing with the Stars.

Here’s that video:

Okay, that was probably just some pretty good photoshopping of the Commander-in-Chief, but it’s not tough to imagine him dancing in celebration — perhaps when he gets a big win in Congress, like with the Iran deal, or maybe when the Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act or made marriage equality the law of the land. Obama has had a pretty miraculous six and a half years, especially given the hostile Congress. He deserves to dance.

Featured image via video screen capture.

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