WATCH: President Obama Dancing The Tango Is The Most Amazing Thing You Will See All Week (VIDEO)

There have been presidents who have been generally ok guys. There have been some you could even call a pretty cool dude. But, there has been only one President Obama. Below you will see why.

Barack Obama reminded everyone who coined the term “presidential swagger” when he took to the dance floor in Argentina and danced the tango with a partner during a dinner attended by him and several other guests.

Could you have seen someone like George Bush trying this? Haha, no…

Barack and Michelle were attending an official state dinner at the Centro Cultural Kirchner in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Michelle danced nearby as our amazing president took center stage and held his own very well. Afterwards, President Obama’s dance partner thanked Michelle for the opportunity of dancing with her husband, which she graciously accepted. Seriously, how classy are Barack and Michelle? They are just amazing.

Watch one more reason we are going to miss President Obama below:

Featured image via video screen capture

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