WATCH: President Obama Calls Out The GOP For Their ‘Tantrum’ About Planned Parenthood (VIDEO)

President Obama is very adamant about his opinion of the Planned Parenthood “scandal.” He doesn’t believe the organization is being properly represented by the Republican party, because it’s not. A political movement to pander to the Christian right is just what the doctor ordered at this point in a Republican primary, and Planned Parenthood is the recipient of this election season’s scarlet letter.

The President makes no bones about it. Republicans are entitled to believe whatever they want to believe, just like he is entitled to have strong feelings about gun control. The difference is, he doesn’t hold the United States economy hostage to get his way. The debt ceiling and the federal budget are instrumental in keeping our country and our economy moving.

As President Obama pointed out, we are fresh out of a major recession, and people are just starting to get back on their feet. To crash the economy again because of one party’s need to feel morally superior is reckless and irresponsible.

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Watch President Obama skewer the GOP for being selfish crybabies.

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