Watch President Obama Brilliantly Explain To Republicans How The World Works (VIDEO)

President Obama sat down with Vice News founder, Shane Smith, to discuss a variety of issues. What he had to say is not going to make his critics very happy, but then, when did he get credit from them for being right about anything?

The conversation begins with climate change. The president calls out Republicans, and some Democrats, who he says are slowing progress on climate change by being, “shills for the oil companies or the fossil fuel industry.” Boom! Are you listening Mitch McConnell and Joe Manchin? He’s talking to you!

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Next on the menu, political gridlock. The president says that mainstream media reports the problem as a “food fight,” and gives viewers the idea that both parties are responsible. “That’s just not accurate,” he says. “Right now, on a lot of the issues that young people care about, it’s not both sides arguing and creating gridlock. You’ve got one side that is denying the facts.” Of course, Republicans would deny that.

Smith asks about the letter sent to Iran by the 47 Republican senators. “I’m embarrassed for them,” the president says, “because it’s not how America does business.”

The conversation moves to ISIS, or ISIL, where the president, without naming names, calls out those responsible for the Iraq war as also being responsible for creating the group. He says,

ISIL is a direct outgrowth of al Qaeda in Iraq, that grew out of our invasion. Which is an example of unintended consequences, which is why we should generally aim before we shoot.

Finally, Smith touches on marijuana legalization. The president says that young people should be thinking more about things such as climate change than marijuana. But he says that the current legal status of marijuana costs our society in many ways. Here, he does give some credit to “libertarian” Republicans, such as Rand Paul, who are willing to work with Democrats to change the legal status of cannabis. Stopped clocks, as they say, are right twice a day, although that might be a standard that is too high for the current Republican party.

This interview is a truth bomb that will certainly drive conservatives crazy, but it is 100 percent on the mark. Props to Vice Newsand Shane Smith, for asking the questions that other media outlets won’t. There’s not a single question here about the family dog or the president’s NCAA bracket picks. Whatever will Americans do without that knowledge?

Here’s the video, via the Vice News YouTube channel:

H/T Vice News | Image via YouTube screenshot

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