WATCH: POTUS Slams The Entire GOP Primary Field And The Koch Brothers In Under 2 Minutes (VIDEO)

President Obama took aim at the entire Republican field of Presidential hopefuls Saturday night in a brilliantly delivered speech to the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

“It’s exciting,” the President said, ” Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, Scott Walker. . . Who will finally get that red rose.”

The red rose is of course an analogy for the near-billion dollars the Koch Brothers have pledged to spend on a Republican candidate. The President made no qualms about how he feels about the attempted purchase of a Presidential election, pointing out that the candidates must have some hurt feelings:

I mean seriously. . . A billion dollars.  From just two guys.  Is it just me or does that feel a little excessive?  It’s almost insulting to the candidates. The Koch Brothers think they need to spend a billion dollars to get folks to like one of these people.

Indeed. Well said, Mr. President.

Watch President Obama slam the entire Republican field of candidates and the Koch brothers in under two glorious minutes.


Featured Image: Screen Capture

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