WATCH: Planned Parenthood Video Maker Forced To Admit He Is A Liar On Live TV (VIDEO)

CNN recently interviewed David Daleiden, the man who’s responsible for the fake Planned Parenthood “sting videos,” that are meant to take the organization down. Surprisingly, CNN did its job and called Daleiden out on the fact that his videos are not only heavily doctored, they include stolen personal footage which he had no permission to use. 

Daleiden was called out recently, by many media outlets, for the fact that he stole a picture a mother shared of her own miscarriage, then misrepresented it as an aborted fetus.

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Daleiden knowingly used a mother’s personal pictures of her miscarried son, which he stole from her by using them without permission, to misrepresent an aborted late-term, living fetus being prepared to have its organs harvested. Then, when pressed on it he excused his lying and theft by generally saying “Well it sorta looks like what an abortion could be.” This man is a despicable weasel and should be in jail.

Watch the video clip of Daleiden being completely OWNED on CNN below:

It would be appropriate if the Republicans pulled the plug on the new and permanent investigation into Planned Parenthood, but I am sure that nothing of the sort will even be discussed.
Featured Image: Youtube Screen Capture
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