WATCH: Pissed Off Larry Wilmore Tells George Zimmerman Exactly How America Feels About Him (VIDEO)

George Zimmerman, the child murdering bastard who is inexplicably a hero to Republicans everywhere, has been trying to auction off the weapon that he used to murder Travyon Martin. The move has been talked about in the media a lot, but the soft approach cable news is taking towards this is a joke. Thankfully, our guy Larry Wilmore saved our sanity and told George Zimmerman exactly how America REALLY feels about him in the video clip below.

Zimmerman has been trying to portray himself as a victim, complaining about how Black Lives Matter and President Obama are trying to make his life a living hell. Not to mention, he’s lying about the interest in the gun by saying museums like the Smithsonian want to buy it for its historical significance. It’s bad enough he killed a kid, but he has to lie about it too which is just ridiculous.

While many “news” networks asked trite questions like “Is this wrong for him to do?”, Wilmore point blank told him just how disgusting of an individual he is and didn’t mince words. It shows again how, perhaps unfortunately, the only authentically honest journalists in America are our comedians. At least we have Comedy Central to keep hope alive.

Watch Larry tell George Zimmerman that an entire nation hates his guts below:

Featured image via video screen capture

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