WATCH: PHD Destroys Myth Of Reverse Racism In Less Than 3 Minutes (Video)

Whenever the subject of racism comes up with my friends, who are mostly white, someone always steps up and plays the “reverse racism” card. It usually involves the mention of some slurs, like “honky” and “cracker” in an attempt to equate them with slurs used against black people.

But rarely, if ever, does the evidence go much further than that. This is because it doesn’t exist, by and large. But still that myth seems to wade into every discussion about race as if it’s a legitimate point. Maybe this video will change all that.

In this video, Dr. Joy Degruy masterfully breaks down why reverse racism doesn’t exist and destroys any lingering myths anyone might have still floating around in their head. She quickly explains the differences between a prejudice and real racism. Also, she addresses the root causes of racism including fear, the birthplace of hate.

By the way, she does this in front of a predominantly white audience. The audience can’t even argue with her as her points are so strong.

Watch it HERE:

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