WATCH: People Are Cracking Up At How Hillary Handled Stage Jumper Compared To Trump’s Infamous Panic

Donald Trump is infamous for his fear-filled, over the top reaction to having a person jump on stage with him during a rally. The clip has been endlessly meme’d. But recently Hillary Clinton was confronted with a similar situation – an angry protester threatening to jump on the stage – but the internet happened to notice one VERY different thing: The two candidates’ reactions.

Not only is the resulting side-by-side GIF causing the entire internet to erupt with laughter, it really shows what looking presidential actually means, and it sure doesn’t look like a frenzied, orange panic attack at the slightest provocation.

How a person handles themselves under stress is never more important than when that person is the leader of the free world. Hillary, though obviously aware of the danger on Thursday in Las Vegas, kept calm and aware while the stage jumper was dealt with by Secret Service. After getting the all clear, Clinton tells her protective detail “I’m fine” then continues the speech.

Donald Trump, back in March, was much less composed. Grasping the agents who came to him for dear life, after flailing around like a terrified toddler, the apparently terrified Trump left the nation a memorable image indeed.

Watch the videos here, and decide for yourself. Here’s Trump:

And here’s Clinton. Notice she even manages to turn the situation into a dig at the Trump family’s favorite past time – killing animals for sport:

Featured image via screen capture

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