WATCH: Penn. Congressman Absolutely Reams Gov. Rick Snyder At Flint Water Crisis Hearings (VIDEO)

Gov. Rick Snyder of Michigan is sitting up on Capital Hill Thursday morning, enjoying the hospitality of the people’s House of Representatives. Though he’s probably not really “enjoying” it, per se. He’s testifying before the House Oversight Committee in their investigation of the Flint water crisis and it is not going well for him.

The hearing is streaming live on CSPAN3 on St. Patrick’s Day, but the only green one can see is Snyder’s face as he is raked over the coals by members of the Oversight committee. Well, most of it. Well, some of it. The few members of the committee who deigned to show up, that is. But the ones who did come, came with the goal of calling Snyder out for this mess. Except for the Republicans; they want to lay this at the feet of the EPA. Of course.

One of the Democrats on the Committee, Representative Matt Cartwright of Pennsylvania, had some very harsh words for Gov. Snyder. The governor answered a question about when he took action on the crisis like this:

I took immediate action as soon as I learned there was a lead issue, we started issuing filters to people, doing water testing, doing blood testing.

Rep. Cartwright, unhappy with this answer, cut the governor off with, “Plausible deniability only works when it is plausible.”

Oh, won’t that make a great bumper sticker?

Cartwright continued that he didn’t buy Snyder’s claim that he didn’t know about the water crisis until October of 2015:

You were not in a medically induced coma for a year.

Hey, this guy can bring the snark! He kept it up, too. “I’ve had about enough of your false contrition and your phony apologies.”

Cartwright mentions that Susan Hedman of the EPA, who bore “not one-tenth of the responsibility of the state of Michigan,” had resigned over the issue. Then Cartwright goes in for the sting:

… there you are drawing your paycheck, hiring lawyers at the expense of the people and doing your dead-level best to spread accountability to others… People who put dollars over the fundamental safety of the people do not belong in government. And you need to resign, too, Governor Snyder.

Oh, hell yeah! Props to Pennsylvania’s 17th district for sending this guy to D.C. as their Rep. We need more like Matt Cartwright.

I just want to mention a couple of things… First of all, watch Snyder’s smirk as Cartwright reams him. That nasty, self-satisfied smirk, even as he is getting his ass handed to him. It’s infuriating.

Second, I notice so many empty chairs at this hearing, chairs that should have representatives in them. I went to the Committee’s website and counted 43 House members who are on the committee; 24 Republicans and 17 Democrats, plus Chairman Jason Chaffetz and ranking Member Elijah Cummings. You can’t see in this video, but if you go to the live stream you can see that there are maybe half-a-dozen at this hearing.

Here is the short clip via MSNBC:

Featured image via screen capture

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