WATCH: Paul Ryan Says That He And Trump Both Share The Same Vision For The GOP

Republican party leadership has been trying unsuccessfully for months to put the brakes on Donald Trump’s run to be the GOP presidential nominee. While he still isn’t guaranteed a majority of delegates, Trump’s sweep of five states on April 26 makes it look more likely that he will head the ticket in November, and there really isn’t anything they can do to stop him. So it appears that party leadership is getting out the makeover kit and preparing to put lipstick on their xenophobic, misogynist pig.

House Speaker Paul Ryan was one of the first out of the box with the new spin on Trump’s relationship with Republican leaders. He joined CNN host Alisyn Camerota on New Day where he talked about how Republicans will move forward with Trump in the role of Fearless Leader.

Camerota starts the discussion by sharing the results of polls taken in some of the April 26 primary states. In recent weeks the GOP has been on a quest to deny Trump the 1,237 delegates he needs for a majority, in order to have an “open” convention and select another nominee. But the polls shared by Camerota say that GOP voters want nothing of that — they want whoever has the most delegates to be the nominee, even if that person doesn’t have a majority.

Ryan responds that America is governed by the rule of law. He says that Republicans “play by the rules.” There, my friends, is your laugh of the day. In other words, Ryan is saying that since the rules require a candidate to have a majority of delegates to be nominated on the first ballot, that is how things will be allowed to play out.

But then Ryan, perhaps realizing that he wouldn’t be wise to stake out a strong anti-Trump position at this point, throws a bone in Trump’s direction. Camerota observes that Trump has made statements suggesting that he is at odds with some of the positions of the GOP, on things such as Social Security and taxes. “Does it complicate it for you?” she asks.

Ryan responds:

I think on the big things whoever our nominee is going to be, I believe is going to be comfortable with the direction we’re going.

He says that the different policy positions staked out by Trump, Kasich and Cruz are “variations on the same theme.” Then he adds that he has spoken to all three and that they agree with his “vision” for the party.

Camerota wants to be clear. “In that phone call you had with Donald Trump, he said that he’s comfortable with your vision of the GOP?” she asks.

Ryan says:

Yeah, I said here’s what we’re doing, here’s where we’re going, here’s why we’re doing it. We decided this last year, before the presidential election got even started, and yes we had a very pleasant conversation.

Trump and GOP leaders will be on the same page, as long as those leaders agree with Trump. If Paul Ryan thinks that he can control Trump, just because they “had a very pleasant conversation,” he would do well to remember the old saying that “he who rides on the tiger’s back will end up inside.”

Here is what Paul Ryan had to say, via CNN:

Featured image via Mark Wilson/Getty Images

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