Watch: Paul Ryan Admits That Republicans Have No Alternative For Obamacare (VIDEO)

Just like an episode of Seinfeld, the Republican party is truly a show about nothing. Since last January when Republicans took over the Senate, thus giving them both Houses of Congress, Republicans have continued to obstruct and refuse to compromise, even on issues where they agree with Democrats. In a futile attempt to prove Obama is a failed President, Republicans seem to take no interest in solving any real problems facing our country, and their mission statement of destroying Obama’s legacy continues.

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As Republicans feverishly work towards doing what they do best, which is stopping things from happening, by trying to repeal Obamacare yet again, real legislation to fix our crumbling infrastructure sits stagnant.

Sunday on “Meet The Press” host John Dickerson spoke with the new Speaker Of The House, Paul Ryan, and opened the interview with a brutally honest but very fair question,

You said that you wanted the Republicans to offer an alternative to the president. One of the first things you did this year, though, was offer that [Obamacare] repeal. How is than an alternative?

Surprisingly Ryan’s responded quite frankly when he answered

It’s not. It’s why we have to come up with an alternative. So, you’re right about that one

As the interview continued, it became clear that over the next year we can look forward to more of the same coming out of the Republican-led Congress as the party splinters into various factions, and legislators work earnestly to prove they are the most radical far-right anti-government conservative.

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Video Courtesy: Raw Story Via Youtube

Image Courtesy: DonkeyHotey

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