WATCH: Patronizing Trump Fan Lectures Female Reporter About ‘Black Supremacists’ In Basketball (VIDEO)

A supporter of President Donald Trump recently said something so stupid to a female reporter that it may have possibly ripped a hole in the time-space continuum somewhere.

In the video posted on the Instagram account EtertaimentForBreakfast and since highlighted on, we see a female reporter engaged in a conversation with an older Trump supporter (wearing a red “Make America Great Again” hat) at a pro-Trump rally in Berkley, California.

At one point during the exchange, the topic of white supremacists came up. At which point the older man began to “mansplain” to the female reporter while wagging his finger in her face. He told her that white supremacy wasn’t a big deal because of all the “black supremacists” playing in the sport of basketball.

“We have black supremacists in basketball because they play basketball better than we do,” the man declared. “Right? Right?”

The reporter, who was astonished and left visibly speechless by the overwhelming stupidity of what he just told her, could only respond with slacked-jawed disbelief.

The video appears to have been filmed during on of the “March 4 Trump” rallies that took place during the first weekend of March. It was initially posted by Gibson Chu, a UC Berkeley student covering the event.

This interaction is yet more proof as to why it is impossible to even talk about bipartisan partnerships with the Trump administration, and it’s supporters. There is simply no consensus that people with common sense can find with individuals who think as they do. White Supremacy has nothing to do with white people being “better” at certain things. It’s about a system purposely designed to give whites an unfair advantage over people of color many generations ago.

While the system may not operate as openly as it once did in America, we still see it at work in our criminal justice and public school systems. We also see it at work in the marketplace, where applicants with “Afrocentric” sounding names on their resumes are often passed over in favor of more traditional European names. The so-called “War on Drugs” focuses enforcement mainly on communities of color, despite the fact that Caucasians use drugs at roughly the same percentage as African-African Americans.

There are many mostly-white college campuses that sport notorious reputations for having one of the most permissive drug cultures in the country. But when is the last time you’ve heard of DEA or local law enforcement agents raiding college dorms looking for drugs? However, drug raids in communities of color have become a way of life.

Here’s a great video by YouTube’s Laci Green that perfectly explains white supremacy and people like the man in this video.

There are far too many examples of how white supremacy continues to impact people of color in America, but the most important thing to take away from this story is that we as responsible Americans must defeat Trump supporters at the polls. Otherwise, we can expect public policy to be written by people like the man in this video. It’s that simple.

Featured image Screengrab via Twitter.

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