WATCH: Paranoid Texas Tea People Tell US Army Colonel Obama Is Invading Texas To Make Them Muslims (VIDEO)

If you visit the county courthouse in Bastrop County, Texas, you will see standing proudly in the middle of a park in front of the building a proud monument to the Confederacy. Yeah, these guys still cheer for the Confederacy … really.

Oh, but that’s not all. Recently, the new Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, had to ask the State Guard of Texas to essentially “watch over” the US Army as they conducted an 8 week training exercise in the county. This came after a judge in Bastrop County did his best to actually feed into the local Tea Party paranoia and issued the following statement during a community meeting;

It’s a sad [day] when people’s greatest fear is their own government. Think about the ramification of that. If Americans go to sleep at night worrying whether their own government is going to sell them out before morning, it’d be hard to sleep.

Judge Pape made his fear mongering declaration as a US Army Colonel stood in front of a group of citizens at a community meeting for nearly 2 hours addressing every nut job conspiracy theory you can think of.

You see, the people in this small rural county that still sings the praises of the Confederacy is convinced that this is merely a ruse. What is really happening, according to the folks in the crowd wearing the “Did You Miss Me Yet” and “Info Wars” shirts carrying signs that say “Dissent is not a Conspiracy Theory,” is that this is really just Obama “invading Texas,” and after awhile he will send in his secret platoons of “Sharia fighters” and make Texas Muslim.

Yeah, really, that’s what they think is happening.

Fortunately, it seemed that some of the folks there were not part of the tin foil hat crowd, and they can be seen face-palming and showing utter frustration with their fellow county residents and the ridiculously hard time they give the Army representative.  You really gotta feel bad for this Colonel who is merely trying to prepare his troops for overseas operations. One “sane” person does manage to get a question and words of support in, but he is quickly drowned out.

And so now bunches of Texas State Guard troops have to be called up (and paid) just to stand around while the Army does it’s training for 8 weeks. Guys who usually only do the part time gig are now called away from their lives just to quell the nut-job’s fantastical fears.  Their job, according to the judge and the paranoid people of Texas is to make sure and stop these ‘invaders” from carrying out their real mission.

As you can see in the footage below, the Colonel is fighting a losing battle with some of the conspiracy theory nuts. After giving one man a detailed explanation of what was happening, and assuring him that he had served under five Presidents, all with very smooth and peaceful transitions, that this wasn’t a conspiracy and they are just trying to get boys “trained.” The man looks back and tells him, “I don’t believe a word you said.”

You can hear people saying things like “that’s just what Hitler did” and other nonsense. They try to bait the Colonel into ansering questions about immigration policy, gun rights, Constitutional issues, different government agencies, and things that have absolutely nothing to do with this simple training exercise.

Keep in mind, the first video below is put out by allies of infowars. You will see a reasonable Colonel trying to address concerns. They see black helicopters in this video. The second comes to us from Ring of Fire Radio, and shows the Colonel looking even better.

If you wanna see how cuckoo Texas really is up close, WATCH:


And some additional footage HERE:

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