WATCH: Palin’s Interview With Trump Is The Most Ridiculous Thing You’ll EVER See (VIDEO)

For just under ten minutes Friday night, Sarah Palin and Donald Trump teamed up to form an idiotic duo of incompetence on the One America News Joke Network. With absolutely no direction whatsoever, the interview was a jumbled mass of conservative talking points and excuses about Trump’s failure to recite a single Bible verse.

Ridiculous from beginning to end, the only thing more imbecilic than Palin’s ignorance was Trump’s willingness to answer her. From the get-go, Trump used the “93 million Americans out of work” myth, complete with a minute of doom and gloom about how horrible the recovering economy is, followed by some idiocy about the tax code that led to the invocation of Elizabeth Warren’s stance on the wealthy hedge fund managers of Wall Street not paying enough taxes.

After what was obviously an attempt to pander to low-information voters who think The Donald is the bomb because he’s a famous celebrity, the subject matter moves to his ignorance of the bible, which he again refers to as his “favorite book.”

The entire thing is worth the ten minutes of your day, if only for a good laugh.

Watch Donald Trump and Sarah Palin Make Fools of themselves in this hilarious “interview.”

Featured image via video screen capture

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