WATCH: O’Reilly Goes Full Racist While Asking Trump About Fixing Perception He Is Racist

Bill O’Reilly confronted Donald Trump about the perception among African Americans that he is racist, and pressed him about how he would get jobs for minorities who have “tattoos on their foreheads.”

O’Reilly began by saying that Trump has been described as a “racial arsonist,” which he said is the “perception” of Trump among “African American” voters. O’Reilly then asked him if there is a “strategy” that his campaign has to “negate that.”

Naturally, Trump flat out denied this. He said that this isn’t the perception at all and he was going “to do fantastic with African Americans and with Hispanics.”

O’Reilly continued to press the Republican frontrunner, asking him what his message is for people of color in the United States. Trump responded that his message is simple, “jobs. ”

My message that we’re gonna bring jobs back, Bill. My message is I’m bringing jobs back to the country. And they’re gonna have jobs, because right now we don’t have jobs.

O’Reilly didn’t let up on Trump and told him his answers simply weren’t good enough. The billionaire presidential hopeful continued to sound like a broken record, touting the jobs he is vowing to magically create.

This prompted O’Reilly to commit a little “racial arson” of his own. Referring to black communities, O’Reilly asked:

How are you gonna get jobs for them? Many of them are ill-educated and have tattoos on their foreheads. I hate to be generalized about it, but its true.

As usual, Trump never did come up with a real answer to any of O’Reilly’s questions. Watch the interview here for yourself. (The conversation on race begins around 2:38)

Featured image via video screen capture

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