Watch Obama’s Greatest SOTU Smackdown Of Republicans (VIDEO)

With his year being President Obama’s last year and office and, therefore, his last State Of The Union (SOTU) address, one is left to ponder this seemingly impossible dilemma: what will Fox News and Republicans do with themselves?  Will they actually duly elected tasks or will they be forced into intense therapy to treat their Obama Derangement Syndrome separation anxiety?

Nevertheless, tonight does mark President Obama’s last SOTU address and, judging by how Obama no longer seems to care what his stubborn opposition  thinks, we can probably expect even more confidence. In looking back at President Obama’s seven SOTU addresses, last year’s address really stands out as his greatest. After all, it featured one of the sharpest barbs in response to Republican taunts.

Watch That Time Obama Delivered A Sharp Zinger At GOP Response In SOTU Address (VIDEO):


Featured image via screen capture

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