WATCH: Obama Owns His Accomplishments And Shortcomings In Last Interview With Jon Stewart

President Obama, in his final sit-down with Jon Stewart on The Daily Show, displayed yet again why he will go down in history as the most genuine and honest president in modern times.

President Obama makes no excuses about the things he hasn’t accomplished. When asked about reaching his marks and leaving office satisfied, he offered a timeless piece of wisdom:

If you’re constantly hitting your marks you haven’t set the bar high enough.

Perfect. The President describes what it’s like to spend years in public service, how the massive bureaucracy that is the federal government is an inherently fallible enterprise that needs constant improvement to do what 300+ million Americans expect it to do, and how his contributions have been mostly positive and “moved the ball forward.”

Our president knows he’s not perfect, but his vision of change has happened, and will continue to happen, for as long as he is in office and for as long as the people demand it continues.

Watch the extended interview with President Obama from his last sit-down with Jon Stewart:

Featured image: screen capture

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