WATCH: Obama Explains Why Trump Is An IDIOT When It Comes To Nuclear Weapons

President Obama slammed Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Friday for his remarks suggesting that countries like Japan and South Korea should have nuclear weapons.

Speaking at a news conference at the Nuclear Security Summit in Washington, Obama said that Trump’s comments just proved how unfit he is to be President of the United States. According to Obama, Trump’s suggestions “tell us that the person who made the statements doesn’t know much about foreign policy or nuclear policy or the Korean Peninsula or the world generally.”

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Earlier this week, Trump said that if Japan and South Korea had nuclear weapons, it might help them deter countries like North Korea. Obama however, disagrees and said that encouraging other countries to obtain nuclear weapons could be a fatal mistake.

Obama explained that the world is watching what is going on here in America, and they are concerned with what they are seeing when it comes to the 2016 election. He then said that even areas of the world whose own politics tend to have a “carnival atmosphere” have comes to politics expect “sobriety and clarity” when it comes to elections here in the United States. This is because they know the President of the United States “has to know what’s going on around the world” to be able to ensure “security and prosperity” for all countries.

Obama went on to explain just why Trump’s suggestion has the potential to be such an unmitigated disaster. He said that our alliances with Japan and South Korea have been essential to preventing another deadly conflict in that region following World War II. He added that it had also been a “boon” for American business and commerce in the Asia-Pacific.

“You don’t mess with that,” Obama said. “We don’t want someone in the Oval Office who doesn’t understand how important that is.”

Watch Obama’s remarks here, via Mediaite:

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