Watch Obama DESTROY The 4 Myths Republicans Spread About The Economy (VIDEO)

Having faced eight solid years of pure vitriol and non-stop obstruction, President Obama eventually decided to stop giving a f*ck what Republicans in Congress thought about him. If he were to announce that he had a cheap cure for cancer, Republicans would balk and say curing cancer hurts small business. But one of their seemingly never-ending criticisms has been Obama’s handling of the economy. As you can expect, it has mostly been total bullsh*t.

With 6 months left in office to piss off Republicans, President Obama is anything but a lame duck. Realizing that he has his legacy to look out for,  President Barack Obama went on a “myth-busting” mission earlier today aimed at undermining Republican arguments about the economy. Obama was clearly trying to give democrats something to cheer about and sell come November.

The primary story that Republicans have been telling about the economy is not supported by the facts. It’s just not,” Obama said. “They repeat it a lot, but it’s not supported by the facts. But they say it anyway. Now what is that? It’s because it has worked to get them votes.

Even cooler is how the president made these comments in a very red state.

Watch the entire speech below:

Featured image via screen capture

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