WATCH: Obama Creates Freestyle Rap With Star Of ‘Hamilton’ And Melts The Internet

President Obama reminded the world again who has the swagger when he joined Lin-Manuel Miranda, star of the broadway show Hamilton, to drop some sick beats in the Rose Garden with a freestyle rap about American history.

Could you have seen George Bush doing this? Haha.. no.

The rap went through governmental themes and topics supplied by President Obama, like The Constitution and Obamacare, and it was freestyled by Miranda, who totally crushed it.

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Hunting ISIS in the morning, overcoming Republican obstruction for lunch, creating jobs in the afternoon, and freestyle rapping at night? Is there anything Obama can’t do? I think our president has officially retired the term “lame duck” into obscurity.

Watch the full clip of President Obama and Lin-Manuel Miranda light the internet on fire below:

Featured image via video screen capture

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